Lead Generation

Providing Quality Leads For Manufactured Products

Success in commercial construction starts with the right project leads. Knowing which projects to pursue impacts your productivity and bottom line.

Keep a steady flow of work while maintaining a backlog of upcoming projects. To supply on a job, you must first know of the job – which begins long before bid date. 


Finding Bids The Smarter Way

Providing quality leads and information in the locations that matter the most.

Providing quality leads and information in the locations that matter the most.

  • Project documents, plans, specifications, and addenda.
  • Competing companies, including names, numbers, and emails.

Introduce yourself, your firm, and your capabilities sooner. Even if the opportunity doesn’t pan out, the time and resources may pay off in the future

Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Firms need to modify their marketing approach and objectives as a project progresses through its lifecycle. There are five basic phases of a construction project.


 a property and a vision form


plans and designs come together


plans and specs are completed


contractors are awarded


construction begins

Who Should Be Talking
To Whom and When

Not all leads should be handled in the same manner by the same firm.

Concept Phase

not only for architects and engineers to market their services, but also for project managers, construction managers, and design-builders.

Design Phase

an excellent opportunity for general contractors and supplier and manufacturer representatives to market themselves.

Bidding Phase

this is when subcontractors submit pricing to GCs in advance of the bid deadline, and GCs submit bids to the owner or developer.

Preconstruction Phase

the GC is selected, subcontractors contact the awarded GC, and supplier and manufacturer reps contact subcontractors directly.

Construction Phase

subcontractors remain in touch with the GCs, and supplier and manufacturer reps keep in contact with all parties involved.

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Finding and utilizing quality construction leads requires time and resources. Using a project lead service can strengthen your network, build relationships, and drive your firm’s growth and profitability.