Kris McFarlane

About the Author

Meet Kris McFarlane, your go-to copywriting ace who's been transforming businesses for over two decades. With a strong background in building, real estate, and niche markets, Kris crafts compelling content that resonates with audiences and drives results.

Kris's "ah-ha!" moment came when he realized the key to success was connecting niche market ideas to end-users. Since then, he's been dedicated to helping businesses own their industry voice through his "done-for-you" experience at affordable rates.

When you partner with Kris, you're gaining a marketing ally committed to your success. Get ready to unleash your brand's potential and soar to new heights with Kris by your side!

Kris is an early morning gym rat, sought-after niche market author, and versatile writer with experience working with renowned architects, designers, contractors, and real estate moguls. He brings technical expertise, humor, and simplicity to complex subjects, helping businesses build and own their brand voice while leveraging marketing for growth.

Outside of work, Kris loves exploring the Pacific Northwest, spending time with his family, and trying to satisfy the appetites of his two growing daughters.

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