Kris McFarlane

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An early morning gym rat, established and energized as a niche market author, Kris McFarlane is in demand. His insight in niche market content creation, marketing and building expertise is much sought after. Skilled and versatile from working with colleges, universities and global manufacturers — not to mention distinguished online platforms — Kris brings technical expertise, humour and simplicity to technical subjects. 


Since the early 2000’s Kris McFarlane has worked alongside some of the largest and most trend-generating architects, designers and general contractors in North America. Multidisciplinary in approach and achievement, his work has included writing, instructing and business development. He’s passionate about helping businesses build, prosper and own their brand voice while leveraging marketing to facilitate continued growth. 


When not exploring the Pacific Northwest you’ll probably find Kris at home annoying his wife and trying to satisfy the appetites of his two growing daughters.