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Substitution Requests give subtrades the inside edge to win the job. 
Substitution Requests get manufacturers’ products specified on projects.

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Backed by Experience

Copywriting Kris has submitted thousands of substitution requests to architect and design firms throughout North America on behalf of global manufacturers and their representatives. Understanding the procedures involved your acceptance rate and quote eligibility will increase through a clear and concise Substitution Request.

  • Shorter lead time and lower overall cost.
  • Superior features and enhanced aesthetics. 
  • Improved quality, performance, and warranty.

Substitution Requests add value and present clear advantages to the architect, contractors, and the owner. In order to be approved, it must be equal or superior and cannot adversely impact the project cost, schedule or timeline.

  • Substitution Request Form found in Division 01 of the Contract Document.
  • Detailed product comparison between the substitution and specified product.
  • Product data including PDS’s, installation details, and additional test reports.

Remember, the project design team and architects look for reasons to decline Substitution Requests. It’s critical to understand the multipage application and substitution procedures involved in the process.

  • Does the manufacturer have a good reputation, warranty, and required information? 
  • Does the product comply with contract documents, sustainability objects, and code? 
  • Are there any issues with lead times, installation procedures, or trades? 

Becoming familiar with, and addressing, the questions architects ask helps Substitution Requests get approved. Remember, if your substitution request doesn’t make sense to someone that doesn’t understand your product, it won’t be approved.

What Does an Approved Substitution Mean for Me?

Past being able to successfully supply pricing on a project for a manufactured product, approvals establish favorable relationships, repeat business, and sought-after expertise from architects, designers, and contractors throughout a construction projects lifecycle.

Successful Substitution Requests Start with Copywriting Kris